Sunday, April 13, 2008

by Leo Tolstoy
I read this when I was at Tolstoy Farm in Washington and it enforced my beliefs in the road to peace and living a sustainable lifestyle.


What clothing do our leaders wear? What clothing do we wear and what clothing do I wear? When I was dropped out I wore none in the warm climate of California or wore recycled clothing from our clothing bin. Gandhi wore clothes he made. Where on the scale of vanity do we place our being. Is it important as to what we wear in this day and age? We as a society wear clothing that is made quickly and cheaply by women and children.
The idea of children working in sweat shops has been banned in the United States. Children working at home is fine.
I do not don jewelry but I do wear a watch because I am not outdoors all the time. When I was outside in my younger days I viewed the sun and by seeing where it was I could tell you the time of day.
Where as a society do we stand? Where as a society do bees and ants stand?

Raising crops to create fuels to burn in cars and/or burning garbage for electricity are as good an idea as the burning the Amazon. When you take good topsoil and raise crops, eat the seeds and turn what remains back into the soil that is productive land management. Replacing mulch, organic matter and organic garbage in the soil is good land management; it create a soil that the creatures below the surface can consume which produce good soil for plants. Green crops and trees that are burned go up in smoke and offer little to the earth as mulch and organic matter.

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