Monday, March 10, 2008

Spend the money you earn toward and for organic living and gardening. Go toward the people that have been organic living and gardening. --->Here are a few links that point you toward organic living and organic gardening.
Think organic and start early in life.
Buy organic, advertise organic, be organic and visit with organic people. It is a simple life style. In our community the Amish are organic and that makes it easier on everyone in town. The land they bought in this community had not been farmed since the early 1950's.
I was organic when I arrived in 1968 to this community and the land I tilled was fertilized with chemicals. But I refused to continue using chemical fertilizers and used home made compost and mulches. Now my small gardens are chemically free since 1968.
I have changed my garden spot so I have basically started a new garden and it has been difficult.
Since I moved my garden the deer in the area sleep in the garden at night and eat the vegetables I grow there. I am not prom to eat the deer at this time so I'll have to share the spot or discourage them from eating organically. Maybe some kind of scarecrow or some mountain lion scent may move them to greener pastures.

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